Jack Russells of South Carolina has a long-standing breeding legacy which originated from a deep love and appreciation for the Jack Russell Terrier breed. Our program began in 1990 with Jack Russells who descended from generations of English and Irish bloodlines. The dogs who descend from this bloodline have a healthy, energetic, and people-oriented disposition, which results in a dog who is family-friendly and a lifelong companion. Our Jack Russell Terrier puppies are loyal as the day is long, and grow up to be highly intelligent Shorty Jack dogs who you’re sure to love. 

Our puppies have been sold all over the United States to include Alaska, as well as to families in Africa, the Bahamas, Mexico, Hong Kong, Canada, Argentina, and even to a family who lives in a sailboat off of the San Juan Islands. Our Jack Russell Terrier breeding program is simply that unique – the bloodline our puppies originate from is set apart from others, and produces a Jack Russell Terrier who is worth flying across the world to adopt.

In 2019, the owner was ready to retire with her 30 years of memories loving on her Jack puppies. The breeding program was very carefully handed over to father-daughter team Bobby and Megan Jones, who have worked diligently to preserve the attention and care that has gone into every puppy born from Jack Russell of South Carolina. They believe in nurturing each Shorty Jack puppy and placing him or her into families that will love on the puppies as much as Megan and Bobby do. 

Each and every day Megan cares for the puppies and keeps daily records of the health, behavior, and mannerisms of each puppy. Before you receive your new Jack Russell puppy, you can rest knowing that Megan and Bobby are observing and loving your puppy in order to send you off with the proper tools and recommendations to keep your puppy healthy, safe, and eager to be your companion. 

If we haven’t sold you yet on how much we believe our Jack Russell Terriers stand apart, we’d love to invite you to come and pick out a puppy. Please submit a contact us request using the form on our website, and we’ll promptly get in touch with you to schedule your visit. Until then, we’ll be playing and loving on our puppies to get them ready for your home!