Duma, the water skiing Jack Russell Terrier

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Born here in 2005 at Jack Russell Terriers of South Carolina, Duma has become known as Chicago’s water-skiing dog! Duma was one of our smooth coat Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale from Pringle and Guinness that found her fur-ever home as a young pup. Two short years later she became the star of her town. 

Duma ditched chasing a tennis balls around the park and decided her playtime is going to be out on the open water. Her family loved taking boat rides and when she was around one years old, she decided to take the wheel. Captain Duma caught the attention of almost everyone she drove by. Next thing you know Duma was geared up in her water goggles, hat, and yellow life vest water skiing behind a boat at 15 MPH. The people of Chicago and visitors along the Chicago River couldn’t help but stop and watch in amazement! WGN9 news channel did a cover story on this Jack Russell Terrier in 2007 because of how talented and well known she had become. 

This talented Jack Russell Terrier did not stop here, Duma made an appearance with her owner at the Toronto International Boat Show in Canada. Driving her own mini speedboat to water skiing in front of the boat show crowd, Duma showed off her talents well. This Jack Russell Terrier was even endorsed by Rockstar Energy Drink and was able to rep them on her helmet. 

Jack Russells of South Carolina is so thankful that this sweet Jack Russell Terrier puppy found her perfect home and owner back in 2005. Loving your puppy will allow their talents to unfold and thanks to Duma’s wonderful owner, she has lived her best life! We encourage you to take your Jack Russells along on all of your life adventures, you never know what talents they may have.

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