three Jack Russell Jack Terrier puppies.

Potty Training your Jack Russell Terrier

Whether you are a first-time Jack Russell Terrier puppy owner, or a lifelong JRT owner, we know that all pups have to go through potty training. Proper potty training is a crucial stage for puppies, and we want to provide you with some tips and tricks to help this process with your Jack Russell puppy go as smooth as possible.


                      #1: Have your puppy’s living space ready upon arrival.

It is important to prep your home for your new JRT puppy before it arrives. Having a crate, bed, toys, and feeding area laid out and ready for him/her creates the foundation for their new home and leaves little room for confusion. Pick out a designated spot where you plan to allow your puppy to go potty because consistency is key.


bed, toys, and crate for Jack Russell Terrier puppies

               #2: Take your puppy out to potty the second you arrive home.

Pick up day for your new puppy is so exciting! You are going to want to love on, play with, and share your beautiful new JRT puppy and the excitement with everyone, which is great but don’t forget this important step:

When you arrive home, immediately take your puppy to the place you plan to allow him/her to go potty. Walk your puppy around this area and give them chance to go. This allows them to smell and become familiar with the area and by allowing them to potty here they will remember what this spot is for, and prompt them to go potty next time you bring them there. Praise your Jack Russell pup right after it goes potty here for the first time. This positive reinforcement will let them know they did what is right and did a great job.

After this, you can take your puppy to their living space, introduce them to their new home, and enjoy the excitement of your new Jack Russell puppy.


                                     #3: Put your puppy on a set schedule.

All puppies are different but no matter what you must get your puppy on a schedule. Having your puppy on a set schedule trains them to know when they need to do something.

These are the times that we highly recommend you take your pup to go potty:

·      The moment they wake up in the morning

·      Right after they finish eating

·      After they wake up from a nap

·      Right before they are put down for bed

Once you get your puppy on a set schedule that is working, stick to it because consistency is key. Keep in mind that little Jack Russell puppy bladders are very small, so the younger the pup is the more frequently they will need to go.



                              #4: Stay with your puppy while they go potty. 

It is important to help your Jack Russell puppy stay as focused as possible. If the mission is to get your pup to go potty, then go with them with the intention of only letting them do just that. Don’t go outside and throw the ball first if you want them to go potty. Almost ignore them. Walk them on a leash but pay no attention to them so that they aren’t distracted or trying to be playful.

                                    Stay with your pup and walk with them until they go.

Some pups go instantly, some don’t. Every pup is different and that’s okay! Be patient with them and it will pay off.


                                         #5: Use Positive Reinforcement:

When a puppy has an accident in the house, it can be an instinct to punish and scold the dog. This method will not work and may cause training to be more difficult and prolonged. If a puppy is using the potty in the house, then that means it does not understand where the proper place is to go. Be consistent with your puppy’s schedule, take them out on a leash, and use positive reinforcement.


            After your Jack Russell puppy has gone potty where they should, praise them. 


This can be verbally or with a small treat. Don’t wait until you get back into the house to give them the treat and don’t interrupt them while they are going potty. In order for them to associate the praise with their action, it must be right after they are done going.




A few more helpful tips:

  1. If your Jack Russell puppy is going potty in his/her crate, it may be too big. Sizing down in crate size might fix this problem.
  2. Create a potty cue such as “Do you want to go outside?”, “Go potty”, or whatever suits you and your pup best. 
  3. Avoid punishment, use positive reinforcement. 
  4. Be on the lookout for cues from your puppy. When they go sniffing around and looking for a spot, take them out because they probably need to go. 


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